Family weekend

One-day trip to Hitra (one of the largest Norwegian islands) is probably not the best idea when days are getting short, as it takes couple of hours to get there...but still it was nice day full of fun and fishing. From road engineering perspective the Hitra tunnel (connecting the island and mainland) is interesting - it was constructed in 1994 and it is 5,6 km long. It reaches a depth of 264m under see level, making it the deepest tunnel in the world when it was built. Hitra is well known fishing (and hunting) destination, so we went there to try our luck. Thanks to Geir we knew about several good locations...
Storstraumen (63.636497, 8.869031). I have never seen sea current like this one. Nice place, but we were not successful here.
my cousin Iva flew from Geneve to visit us for weekend

Another location - bridge in Knektøya (63.653387, 9.028012). We got the dinner for 6 people in two hours of fishing here. Polocks and one red cod fish. Belma got the largest one.
On Sunday, we visited Emilie and her dogs family

Little bit of training in the mud

And lunch in Kalas and Canasta restaurant was the perfect ending of nice weekend (

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