My last PhD course took place in Molde, a small city 200km south from Trondheim. Our teachers from Italy presented several really interesting concepts regarding urban freight traffic (e.g. crowdshipping, gamification, modelling the interactions between different stakeholders in decision making process and the acceptability of a transport policy). As the days are long here at this time, it was possible to explore nearby fishing places too:) 
inside the school
what a view they have here! Difficult to focuse on the lessons....
canteen terrace
nice place near Gauset (location here)
but surprisingly no fish there...
next evening at Osvatnet lake  (location here)
it even has a sandy beach
and an island! And a lot of trouts!
meanwhile in the harbour
a space ship arrived

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See also PiggyBee (, crowdsourced delivery pioneer since 2012.