Start of icefishing season 2023/2024

Motivated by all the trips I am reading about on the facebook group Røye-fiske østlandet, I decided to hit the road already in November and drove for a weekend to Elgå. I did several adjustments to my fishing gear (smaller hooks, longer lines under the lures, installing a fly instead of hook, buying a floating suit), so I was very eager to test it all. And it was a good test! I cannot wait to be back again. Here are some pictures:

On Thursday night I arrived to Engeren lake, where I spent a short night in the car. That lake was not frozen. I felt asleep at 2, woke up at 6 and drove up to Søndre Røåstjønna. There was already a lot of snow, so reaching the lake took some effort. 
There is very nice gapahup, so it was very comfortable to change into the new suit. 
I have never been there before, so it was challenging to decide where to fish. I was getting just small fish, but after lunch i finally got one nice røya. 

Evening came fast (sun goes down a few minutes after 15:00)
so it was time to reach the car and drove to Elgå to Båtstø camping, where I stayed in a cabin for the next two nights. 
The plan for Saturday was clear - Volsjøen. It took me an hour to reach my favorite spot on this nice lake. 

I started to fish at 8 and røya were biting! After 5 minutes, I got a beautiful male char over 50 cm, after that 2 nice blank røya and I lost one big fish in the hole. And at 11 the fest was over. I was very lucky, as two other fishermen that were fishing nearby did not get a fish. It was very nice to practice my Norwegian with them and I hope they got some fish later (they were staying in a lavo next to the lake, so plenty of opportunities)
After the long and windy Saturday on Volsjøen I was tired and on Sunday I decided to take it easy and fish only in the morning near the road. I walked across Hammarsjøen to Storsjøen. I have never icefished there before, but it looked nice in the summer, so I wanted to try.  
It was cold (minus 18), but sunny no-wind morning. I tried a few holes around the island, no bite at all. So I visited a couple from Hamar who started to fish in the middle of lake. It was supposed to be a good spot, but no fish today. I left after an hour, drilled a few holes on Hammersjøen and at 13:00 I drove back to Oslo. 
And the last picture i took - ice is forming on this part of Femund lake. 

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