Ice ice baby

November in south Norway is not the best month. Short days with a lot of rain...
but some days are OK.
Lakes up from Hakadal became my favourite places. Just 5km cycling from the car, a feeling of wild nature. This one is Langvann, with very nice trout and perch swimming there.
When you are near Lillestrøm, I recommend visiting the place, where river Glomma enters Øyeren lake. It is called  Fetsundlenser. You can fish there, observe the birds or enjoy the outdoor museum - Fetsund timber booms.

And finally, the winter is here (slowly). It took some effort to find a nearby lake with "safe" ice 
but I finally drilled some holes in the ice,
got a trout from this ice-hole
and uploaded my observation regarding the ice to
Sometimes I go to work as well, and it is nice... But now it is time to visit Femundsmarka and get some arctic char!

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