It is becoming our tradition to spend Christmas time in a cabin nearby Tynset. This year we found this nice cabin on south-west end of Savalen lake. Five days in our classic rhythm - icefishing in the mornig, cross-country skiing in the afternoon. 
I was fishing for the arctic char. The fish were like a watch. Biting every day exactly from 9:00 to 10:30. The red flashing light was the most effective.  
The lake was different every day. 
Most fish were small and I was very surprised with this fat big char (50cm, >1kg)
These two fish were slightly smaller, but still amazing dinner size. 
No filter here, just a strange evening light. 
There was not so much snow as usual, but we did ski every day. This picture is from our trip to nearby Rødalen - a valley with a system of 15 lakes and several old farms.
And this one from our favourite ski-loop in Aumdalen near Tynset
Another trip to Røndalem, to use sunny (but very cold) conditions to check the views
South-west from Røndalen
After 5 days, we headed back to Oslo. We decided to drive along a route nr. 29 through Folldalen, turn left to this scenic route nr. 27 that goes along east slopes of Rondane mountains and connects to the main route E6 in Ringebu.  
But before E6, we stopped in Trabelia to enjoy some great winter. 

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